With a belief that human essence and liberty are advanced through creative, journalistic, and scholarly writings in all cultures, and with the appreciation that African writers are particularly challenged in the process of developing and transmitting their works, AWE is committed to supporting the telling of the African story by Africans, in their own voices.

AWE Shall raise funds to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Support the efforts of African writers in the development of their craft, publication of their works, and the introduction of the said works to the world market of ideas.
  2. Create better research understanding of, interest in, and patronage of works
    by African writers.
  3. Recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions of African writers in the
    field of letters and in world leadership.

Sponsorships for AWE’s activities and programs, and partnerships with corporations, foundations, and individuals are central to the operations of the corporation.

Corporate Partners:
Corporations shall be approached to make an annual commitment to AWE in the form of donations of money, products and/or services. Corporations that donate $10,000 or more shall be listed in AWE’s publications as corporate partners. For $50,000 or more per year, a corporation shall be listed as AWE’s corporate sponsor.

Advisory Board:
In furtherance of the effort to build credible profile for AWE, noted and celebrated people of African heritage (writers and non-writers alike), are sought as members of AWE’s Board of Advisors.

Supporting Members:
Writers and non-writers may become supporting members of AWE. Members shall receive subscriptions to AWE’s newsletter, and receive announcement of AWE’s activities. Annual membership fee is $50 (subject to change by the Board of Trustees), $15 for students.

African Writers Academy:
This is a body of published African writers who serve as a pool of reviewers for entries in AWE’s African Writers Publication Grants program.


African Writers Publication Grants:
The AWE Grant Program shall be the major and primary function of AWE. On an annual basis, a competitive program in which African writers submit unpublished manuscripts for grants consideration, shall be organized. Members of the African Writers Academy shall be the reviewers of such submissions. The funds available for this project shall determine the number of grants each year and the amount of each grant. Grant winners shall agree to have their winning submissions published by publishers approved by the Board of Trustees of AWE.

Annual African Writers Conference and Awards:
The African Writers Conference and Awards shall be an annual confab for African writers. Workshops, seminars, and round table discussions would be organized as part of the activities of the conference. AWE Awards shall be presented as part of the conference.

African Writers in Residence:
This program shall be designed to place African writers as guest lecturers or students at some educational institutions in the US for a defined term. The placements could be at colleges and universities or at high schools.

African Writers Directory or Registry:
A directory of African writers from all over the world shall be developed and maintained by AWE. There shall be no cost for writers to have their names listed, but more elaborate prof1les of writers can be placed in the directory at cost. Copies of the directory would be obtained at cost, except for Supporting Members and all partners of AWE, who shall receive the directory free of charge.

This is the official newsletter of AWE, Inc. It shall be distributed to Trustees, partners, advisers, advertisers, supporting members of AWE, and the general public.