By Jennifer Ukaobasi
ABUJA, NIGERIA; January 26, 2015:   

The Director General of the Chekwas Okorie Presidential Campaign Organization (COPCO), Dr. Ugorji Okechukwu Ugorji has said that Nigeria does not need the distraction of the controversy over General Buhari’s WAEC certificate and the General’s related affidavit. Dr. Ugorji said this during a telephonic conference between him and social media activists and Nigerians in the Diaspora today.

“Our nation is facing very serious challenges that require the attention of our leaders,” Ugorji said. “The unemployed and underemployed youth across the country do not care about Buhari’s certificate. The women risking death daily in maternity wards while in labour do not think of Buhari’s affidavit. The Chiboki Girls are not whaling for the General’s lack of a certificate. We’ve got to get beyond this electioneering distraction and get on with discussing Chief Chekwas Okorie’s revolutionary agenda for Nigeria, which can be found at www.chekwasokorieforpresident.or,” he stated.
Asked whether he believes that General Buhari is qualified by law to run for president, Dr. Ugorji said “General Buhari’s name has been published by INEC as the presidential candidate of his party. We in the United Progressive Party (UPP) are prepared to meet him at the polls and let the people decide who the real progressives are.” According to Ugorji, “it is mirthful that a compatriot, who ran for president of Nigeria three times before, is suddenly said to be unqualified by way of academic credentials. While General Buhari’s history of privileges, which has aided his military and political careers, is in contrast with the vast majority of Nigerians for whose votes we are competing, I find him qualified to run for president in 2015 based on the case law I have reviewed and the nuances of the related constitutional provisions.”
On the question of General Buhari’s controversial affidavit and the reportedly forged result sheet from the Katsina State Ministry of Education, Dr. Ugorji gave a pregnant pause. “If there is any evidence regarding any of those allegations, it is a matter for the law enforcement agencies, not one for political parties,” he said. “Our presidential candidate, Chief Chekwas Okorie, believes in the rule of law and would leave this matter for those professionals whose duty it is to look into these things. But I find it strange that Chief Fani Kayode of all people is the one the PDP has deployed to ask someone to report to the nearest police station for investigation and prosecution of an alleged crime. Fani Kayode? Brother, please!” Ugorji added.

The Director General of COPCO, Dr. Ugorji O. Ugorji, can be reached at 09097353845