Sungai Corporation
Sungai Books is an international book publishing imprint that has published creative and scholarly works from Africa, America, and Europe. Its presence in these markets, give it the advantage of a global reach with an African center.

Sungai is proud to announce a significant shift in its efforts to bring to the market place of ideas, the creative and scholarly works of writers of the Africa world. Sungai’s titles are published under four series: SunScholars Series, SunWriters Series, Afrifable Classics Series, and SunPeople Series.

The SunScholars Series
Features books of scholarly nature that pertain to the life and cultures of African Peoples all over the world. This series include works in virtually all fields of study.

The SunWriters Series
Features works of fiction, poetry and personal experience stories by and/or about peoples of the African world. This series showcases works that deal with inter-ethnic, international, and intercontinental interactions between African peoples all over the world. We know of no other publisher who has as much commitment to fiction from Africa and by Africans as Sungai Books.

The Afrifable Classics Series
This series features works that document the ancient art forms of fables, tales, myths, and legends of Africa. As perhaps the first forms of literature known in human culture, these art forms are considered by Sungai Books as classics.

SunPeople Series
Books of photographs, biographies, and reference materials or directories on people of African heritage are published under this series.

Manuscripts must be typed in Microsoft Word program, double spaced, and submitted in three copies. We do not return manuscripts. Please do not send a diskette until your work has been accepted for publication.

Upon receipt of your manuscript, we will send you an acknowledgement letter or card. We ask for 12 weeks to review manuscripts and give feedback. If your manuscript is accepted, the time line for releasing the manuscript in book form is about 12 to 18 months from the date of the contract. The timeline could be shorter or longer depending on the book and on the workload of Sungai.

Manuscripts may be submitted to:
Sungai Books
P.O. Box 8295
Princeton, New Jersey 08543
Telephone: 609-851-9484
Fax: 609-218-5437
E-mail: or

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