As a publisher, writer, poet, public administrator, broadcaster, and scholar-activist, Dr. Ugorji Okechukwu Ugorji has severally been invited to speak at corporate and civic events. And as a cultural expert, he has been hired to investigate and testify in court cases where immigrants are facing deportation or are seeking political asylum in the United States. His speaking engagements have taken him to Africa, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and to several states in the United States of America.


Fees and Conditions:
Dr. Ugorji’s speaking fees have ranged from zero (no charge) to $25,000.00, with several payments in between. Be rest assured that where the organization is legit and credible and the event is in consonance with his values, the amount of the speaking fee will not be a deal breaker.

When a plane flight is necessary for Dr. Ugorji to attend an event where he is invited to speak or participate, he requires one business flight ticket for himself, and one coach flight ticket for an assistant of his.

Where an overnight stay is necessary after he speaks or participates in an event, Dr. Ugorji requires that the accommodation be made in a facility that is at least a three-star hotel or better.

Dr. Ugorji’s speeches and presentations that are not works-for-hire are considered works in which he has proprietary rights. Except for excerpts for journalistic reports and attributed academic references, no complete publication of his works maybe done without his written consent.

Depending on the nature of the speaking engagement, other negotiable conditions may apply.

Topics and Areas:

  • International dimensions in workforce diversity management
  • Career Impeding Supervisory Behaviors: Implications for diversity training
  • Components of Career Advancement: Implications for diversity management
  • Employee relations in a diverse workforce
  • Unions and diversity management
  • Me, Them, and Us: A three-prong approach to career advancement
  • The publisher and nation (community) building
  • Dancing with the gods: A publisher’s expreince
  • Pedagogical objectives in African folktales
  • Value-centered education
  • African American Leaders and the African continent
  • US policies towards Africa: A historical perspective
  • Progressivism in the age of Barack Obama
  • Obama’s transcendent candidacy: Lessons for the Igbo in Nigeria
  • The Igbo: A global people
  • Igbo religion and Igbo nationalism
  • From Transcendence to Transformation: Obama’s consequential presidency
  • Tall Drums: Portraits of Nigerians who are changing America
  • Empowering African writers: The mission of African Writers Endowment, Inc.
  • The writer as change agent
  • Organizing for opportunities: Towards self-reliance among African youth
  • Swimming back ashore: Nigerian Diaspora and national development
  • The war and I are age mates: Childhood in the Nigeria/Biafra War
  • Sunrise daughters: A global portrait of Igbo women


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